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Lust | Rosy Rose
Lust | Rosy Rose
Lust | Rosy Rose

Lust | Rosy Rose

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LUST uses only the best materials to pamper your entire skin. it’s a water based personal lubricant with high concentration of hyaluronic acid and trehalose. Vitamin A, B5, B3 and Vitamin E hydrates, smoothes and strengthens the skin. All ingredients are food-grade and makeup-grade, and is perfectly safe and pleasant to ingest during use. Any spillage can be easily cleaned with just water.

Product Description:

For use massage or sexual intercourse for an ever-sensual experience. Lubricant is mess-free water soluble, edible and may be used with condoms. 

Direction for use: Apply liberally to palms and spread throughout body to lubricate and moisturize.

Date of manufactured and Expiry date: marked on the product.

Warning: Should irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use and consult your doctor. Please keep out of reach of children.

Ingredient: Water. Glycerol. Sodium Hyaluronate. Potassium Sorbate. Trehalose. Seaweed Gum. Flavouring Essence. Tocopheryl Acetate. Niacinamide PC. D-Panthenol. Retinol. Sodium Sorbate.

Manufacture: Royal Hall Global Trade, LCC. 

Made in Taiwan